Top Marks From Tenants

Mid-Wales Housing Association is very proud to announce the results of its recent tenant satisfaction survey which shows a phenomenal satisfaction level of 93% for the services it provides as a landlord.

The telephone survey, conducted by a specially trained independent group of tenants on behalf of Arena Partnership in November 2016, collated the results from 439 tenants (25% of the Association's tenants) chosen at random.

The survey included a series of seven nationally recognised questions, and in six of the seven responses, there has been a consistent and marked increase in satisfaction over recent years. Satisfaction with the quality of housing has increased by 8%, the service area where satisfaction has declined is with repairs and maintenance.

When respondents were asked what's good about their neighbourhood, it was notable that the most popular responses given from tenants living in Cardigan, Lampeter, Llanidloes and Welshpool cited the quiet area and the people who lived there, whereas tenants living in Aberystwyth, Builth Wells, Machynlleth and Newtown cited their neighbours.

Quotes received from tenants included: "Everything Mid-Wales Housing does is excellent and I love my home, everything with Mid-Wales Housing is top notch, Mid-Wales has been very good to me and I would not want another landlord".

Shane Perkins, Chief Executive of Mid-Wales Housing Association said: "I would like to thank all those tenants who have participated. The annual tenant survey has been conducted for several years now and we are pleased to see a steady increase in tenant satisfaction year-on-year with exceptional results this year. The survey reaffirms our understanding that the most important service for tenants continues to be repairs and maintenance, and we must continue to invest in the long-term maintenance of our properties."