Tenant Survey 2017

The annual tenants' survey will be carried out during November this year. We will contact all tenants for whom we have an email address. Please note that the email will come from "Arena Partnership". We will also randomly contact residents by telephone and would appreciate if you could assist the callers by answering the survey questions. This means you could be contacted by email or telephone. We will be using the results of the survey to identify what is important to you and the information collected to improve our services to you.

We are using an organisation called Arena Partnership to conduct the survey on our behalf. They will introduce themselves, explain who they are and will treat all answers confidentially. All respondents completing the survey will have the opportunity to be entered into a draw with the chance to win a cash prize. For those wishing to remain anonymous, the staff at Arena Partnership will know who completed the survey for the purpose of the prize draw and will only share your name with us for this purpose.

We would be grateful that if you do have any individual concerns which need resolving you give the caller permission to record your contact details for us to resolve the query.

  • 1st prize = £150
  • 2nd prize = £50
  • 3rd prize = £25

Your chance to contribute to how we run our business!!