Mid-Wales Housing Calls For Protection Of Vital Supporting People Funding

Mid-Wales Housing is backing the 'Let's Keep on Supporting People' campaign to shine the spotlight on the importance of the Welsh Government's Supporting People (SP) Programme which supports 60,000 vulnerable people in Wales every year.

Campaign organisers, Community Housing Cymru and Cymorth Cymru, backed by Mid-Wales Housing, are urging the Welsh Government to protect and ring fence this funding in the draft budget expected in October. Mid-Wales Housing is supporting this by arranging for key politicians to visit some of its schemes and see for themselves how valuable this work is.

The Supporting People Programme funds housing-related support services that a landlord (such as a housing association) or other provider, such as a voluntary organisation, can provide. Support means advice and help to make it easier for vulnerable people to maintain their independence in their home or to develop the skills to do so.

The Supporting People Programme is a preventative service that makes a real difference to those who benefit from it, increasing their resilience to cope with the shocks, stresses and uncertainties in their lives and reducing demand on the health, social care and criminal justice systems.

Examples of those helped include victims of domestic abuse, those with learning difficulties or mental health needs, people who have suffered a traumatic experience, care leavers, people threatened with homelessness, and older people in need of support.

Shane Perkins, Chief Executive of Mid-Wales Housing, said: "We have developed over 107 homes in Mid Wales, where vulnerable tenants need added support to sustain their tenancies. Without this support, some individuals would be in institutional care, others living on the streets, and some living in violent relationships".

Auriol Miller, Director of Cymorth Cymru, the membership body for housing related support said: 'We are currently operating in a very uncertain environment as a result of UK Government cuts. The Supporting People Programme is an extremely effective funding stream which has a proven track record in prevention.

It is vital that this funding stream is protected moving forward. We understand the budgetary pressures on the Welsh Government, but protecting the Supporting People budget will ultimately reduce the strain on health and social services budgets further down the line and will support thousands of people to live independent lives as a result of early intervention.'

Further information

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) is the representative body for housing associations and community mutuals in Wales, which are all not-for profit organisations. CHC's members work closely with local government, third sector organisations and the Welsh Government to provide a range of services in communities across Wales. http://www.chcymru.org.uk

Cymorth Cymru is the umbrella body for providers of homelessness, housing related support and social care services in Wales. Its members provide a wide range of support to enable people to live as independently as they possibly can, or build a positive future after a difficult period in their lives. http://www.cymorthcymru.org.uk