The New Business Systems Team ensures that Mid-Wales Housings' homes and estates comply with current regulations and are safe for our residents and visitors.

We have a comprehensive inspection, service and maintenance regime to cover key health and safety areas such as gas and electrical safety, fire control systems, lifts, specialist equipment and asbestos management and we are committed to maintaining our very high level of compliancy in these areas.

We ensure that arrangements are in place for the following:

  • Annual gas and heating system servicing
  • Fire alarms and fire risk assessments (monthly)
  • Fire equipment including smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire doors (annual)
  • Sewage treatment (6 monthly)
  • Periodic electrical testing (5 years)
  • Lifts (monthly)
  • Specialist equipment (6 monthly)
  • Unvented cylinders and solar PV panels (annual)
  • Communal aerials
  • Voids (empty properties)
  • Tenant satisfaction (monthly)
  • Energy Performance Certificates (10 years)
  • Surveys (monthly) to include on-going viability
  • WHQS reporting and certificates

The team are custodians of the data from start to finish. We work closely with our contractors to ensure we have access for servicing in a timely manner which ensures residents' are safe in their homes.

Please contact the team on 0300 111 3030 if you have any servicing concerns about the safety of your home.

The New Business Systems Team are:

Ruth Protheroe

New Business Systems Team Leader

Janet Jones

New Business Systems Administrator

Diane Jones

New Business Systems Administrator

Kath Jones

New Business Systems Administrator

Jazmin Pugh

New Business Systems Administrator