At Mid-Wales Housing Association we are proud to say that we do more than just rent and manage homes. We also like to invest and work with our customers and communities to help make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

We like to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to be involved in the decisions that affect their homes and that they feel empowered to improve the communities in which they live.

At Mid-Wales Housing we will encourage all our customers to get involved as it really does make a difference to us and you. Getting involved can help:

  • Improve the services we provide, ensuring it meets your needs and circumstances.
  • Gain new skills and build confidence by working with other people in your town or village as well as staff from the Association.
  • Improve your area and facilities in your community.

There are various ways you can get involved depending on how much time you would like to give. Your involvement could be as simple as taking part in a postal, telephone or e-mail survey or answering a voting poll on our Facebook page.

But if you would like to have more of a say why not join one of our active groups (Customer Feedback). In many cases we will provide you with transport or pay you a mileage allowance so you are not out of pocket. With prior agreement we will also cover child and adult care costs, making sure everyone has the opportunity to be involved if they want to be.

Volunteering your time will look great on your CV and the skills you’ll learn along the way will help with your personal and professional development. In some instances we will even offer training opportunities.

To find out more about how you can get involved please contact Alisa Cakebread, Community Participation Officer on 0300 111 3030 or