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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update 1

The well-being of our tenants, residents, partner organisations and our staff is our absolute priority, and you can be assured that health and safety has our utmost attention.

We are continuing to review the situation to ensure that we maintain services to you as much as possible. Our office in Newtown remains open. Staff met in their teams yesterday to discuss and plan for service continuity and training as a result of coronavirus for all areas of the business.

All of our staff have been made aware of the current guidance and ensuring that the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained. Any staff member who is advised to self-isolate will be required to do so and will not come into contact with tenants and residents.

We appreciate that some of you will be concerned about having visitors to your home. Wherever possible, we will provide services over the phone or electronically to avoid visits to tenants homes. Where visits are necessary, we have introduced new procedures to ensure your safety as well as our staff and contractors before we enter your home. This includes the use of hand santisers and gloves and asking you few questions prior to the appointment about any symptoms of coronavirus and recent travel of anyone in the household

Please let us know on 0300 111 3030 if you or a member of your household has suspected or confirmed coronavirus, or needs to self-isolate so we can manage our contact with you. We will keep this information confidential and only provide to to those who have a legitimate right to know it.

Infection control measures, including the importance of the use of hand sanitisers will continue to be reinforced for our offices and managed schemes. These control measures will continue to be revised following Government guidance.

All public meetings and events have been postponed or cancelled and any internal meetings will be arranged using virtual meeting facilities.

We appreciate this is a very difficult and worrying time and that some tenants and residents may find their income affected. Click on the link below for information about coronavirus and claiming benefits. Mid-Wales Housing is committed to the Government announcement that no tenant will be evicted as a result of financial hardship due to coronavirus. If you are currently claiming housing benefit please let your council know of any changes in income. If you would like additional advice or guidance please email our Income Management Team on: or telephone 0300 111 3030.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.

General public advice can be found on the following links:


Coronavirus And Claiming Benefits

Please use the following link for information about coronavirus and claiming benefits.

Please Note: If you are currently claiming Housing Benefit please let your Council know of any changes in income.

Coronavirus and claiming benefits. Please use the link at the bottom of this section.